The Viper King Token Project emerges as an impactful innovation in the world of cryptocurrencies. Represented by the queen viper in its logo, the project is based on the pillars of respect, safety and grandeur. This white paper outlines Viper King’s vision, mission and values, as well as its strategy from launch to transformation into a project incubator.

Vision, Mission and Values:


i suprised david for his 30 birthday in a mutual ceramic workshop. it’s something we wanted to do toghther for so long. i am so happy we chose urban workshops.


we celebrated emily bachlerate party it’s something we wanted to do toghther for so long. we had such a great time, will recomend urban workshops for a special day you will never forget.


Since i discovered Urban Workshops, i come here once a month at least. I always check if there is any new workshops. It’s my time to relax, experess my creativity and find peace in stressfull times.


Suplly 300.000.000

contract fee:

5% Buy
5% sell

contract renounced

roadmap Launch Timeline

Come join this journey


construction contract, social networks, website and partnerships with MKT


Pink Sale listing, KYC, Audit, MKT partnerships


Intensive MKT, new listings, new partnerships and growth of Holders


News, Game, Store, NFT, Staking, reflection, new partnerships and new listings

The Viper King Project is not just a cryptocurrency; is a comprehensive vision of innovation and sustainability. By transforming itself into a project incubator, Viper King seeks not only to foster innovation, but also to contribute significantly to the advancement of cryptocurrencies. This unique approach, combined with the coin burning strategy, solidifies our commitment to transparency, security and profitability for the entire community. We are ready to make our mark on the crypto scene. Join us on this majestic journey! 🌐🚀💎




Public CEO and with KYC carried out by Pink Sale.

Viper king token